New Treatment: Dermaplaning, the ultimate exfoliation!

Therapist dermaplaning woman's face

Epiblading Dermal Blading Face Shaving Microplaning Epidermal Levelling Dermaplaning   This treatment may have various names but one thing is constant – its fabulous results. At Beauty on Latrobe, it is known as Dermaplaning and it is the exciting new addition to the lineup of treatments on offer to spoil the skin. This gentle yet […]

Perfect Brows: Brow Lamination at Beauty On Latrobe

Perfect brows - before and after photo

Have you ever dreamt of waking up without the hassle of tidying up or touching up your brows before leaving the house? This worldwide trend has allowed men and women to achieve beautifully filled, perfectly sculpted brows with no pain and at very little cost. Whether you want to give your arch more height, fan […]

New at Beauty on Latrobe: Murad Retinol Booster for HydraFacial

Murad Retinol Booster

Are you looking to achieve a radiant, glowing complexion while simultaneously nourishing your skin? Do you want results that continue to develop post-treatment? Kick your HydraFacial treatment up a notch with the latest addition to the Beauty on Latrobe lineup, the Murad Retinol for HydraFacial! Beauty on Latrobe offers a prescriptive menu with any HydraFacial […]

DRY JULY: What Is Barrier and How To Repair It!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all had an invisible shield that protects and defends our skin against a constant onslaught of environmental threats? We have got news! We already have this, and it is called a skin barrier! It is the outermost layer of the skin charged with protecting our skin by keeping all […]


Though it is not a time many of us necessarily look forward to, its bound to roll around once a year whether we like it or not. Suddenly you are fighting the sniffles and unpacking the winter wardrobe. As we dig out the winter woollies and start donning our favourite pair of Uggs, those are […]

Guide to Gift Giving This Mother’s Day

Oh, how we love our Mamas and if there has ever been a time to make sure she knows just how adored she is, Mother’s Day is it! No matter how unique our Mums are, something they have in common is a need to be totally spoiled every once in a while, and Beauty On […]

Pigmentation: What It Is & Why It Occurs.

Pigmentation Brisbane Clinic

We all strive for clear, even skin that looks so lovely it does not need to be covered with foundation. Sometimes life has other plans. Pigmentation (urgh) can appear in many forms and be caused by many contributing factors. Prolonged sun exposure is currently the leading cause of pigmentation and when you bask in the […]

Cosmelan: The Ultimate De-Pigmentation Treatment.

Cosmelan Peel Brisbane

 What is Cosmelan?  The Cosmelan peel is the be-all and end-all of de-pigmentation treatments, period. The Cosmelan peel not only treats existing pigmentation and discolouration of the skin, but also assists in preventing future development of pigmentation whilst enhancing your skin’s radiance (love that for you!). The Cosmelan peel is suitable for all skin types […]

Detox Before You Retox: Preparing The Gut For The Season Of Silliness

Are you ready for the social season of the year?! While you may have considered your GLAM and all the special touches that go into your party prep, have you thought about your gut health and preparing your body for the onslaught of naughtiness in the form of one too many Fireball Shots. With all […]