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Perfect Brows: Brow Lamination at Beauty On Latrobe

Perfect brows - before and after photo

Have you ever dreamt of waking up without the hassle of tidying up or touching up your brows before leaving the house? This worldwide trend has allowed men and women to achieve beautifully filled, perfectly sculpted brows with no pain and at very little cost. Whether you want to give your arch more height, fan out the edges or simply enjoy the convenience of perfect brows from the moment you wake, brow lamination is here to bring your eyebrow goals to life.



Brow Lamination is one of the latest and exciting treatments to hit the aesthetics industry, helping men and women achieve brow perfection. Brow Lamination is a painless solution for eyebrows that lack symmetry and an excellent non-permanent alternative to microblading. Essentially Brow Lamination is just like a lash lift, but for your eyebrows.

Rather than using a perming solution to create a lifted curl, a solution is applied to the brow hairs to set them nicely upwards, straight, in the right direction you set them, giving the impression of fuller, thicker brows. Brow Lamination is a non-invasive, affordable and temporary solution to the most desired eyebrows.



The process starts by sitting with your aesthetician to have a consultation discussing what your brow goals are and what look you aim to achieve. Once your Therapist has an understanding of your desired look, the brow lamination will start with painting a perming solution onto the brow. This allows each hair bond to loosen, making it more subject to what direction each hair is brushed and set.


Once your brows have soaked in the perming solution, your Therapist will carefully brush your hairs into the shape that will best compliment you, enhance your features and frame your face. The solution will be applied to reform the hair bond in its set position to ensure the longest, best lasting results.



Brow lamination is suitable for anyone. For women who are time poor in the morning or perhaps struggle with creating a lovely shape with powders and pencils, Brow Lamination is a fabulous alternative. For those who struggle with gaps or perhaps overplucked in their younger years (hello, all of us!) Brow Lamination is perfect to create a fuller look, combing and setting hairs into place without visible gaps. If your brow hairs have a mind of their own, curl or go a little rogue, Brow Lamination helps keep them in check! With regular appointments, the lamination may actually help the natural hair maintain its shape over time.



Microblading and Brow Lamination have very similar end results, though they are two very different treatments. Microblading is a more invasive and permanent eyebrow transformation that will last 1+ years. Typically known as ‘eyebrow feathering’, a permanent makeup applied using a tool made up of microneedles in a blade shape, paired with a semi-permanent pigment to plant into the skin creating hair-like strokes into the perfect eyebrow shape.


As brow trends tend to change over time, Brow Lamination is the perfect alternative to Cosmetic tattooing. While regular treatment will be required to maintain your result, it is still far more convenient than daily makeup application. The Brow Lamination solution is pain-free and the treatment is very relaxing.



Your brows will be set in a gorgeous shape to flatter your face for several weeks

Brown Lamination can last anywhere from three to six weeks, as most people have a growth cycle of around 30 days.



Avoid getting the area wet for 24 hours.

Avoid excessive rubbing or touching the area for 24 hours.

Avoid contact with direct sunlight, saunas, steams rooms, swimming pools for 48 hours.

Avoid exfoliants, anti-aging skincare or tanning products around your brows for 72 hours.


Brow Lamination is now available at Beauty on Latrobe. Achieve the perfect shape and the most beautiful, full brows in the hands of our expert Therapists.

Book your Brow Lamination at Beauty on Latrobe today!

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