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Though it is not a time many of us necessarily look forward to, its bound to roll around once a year whether we like it or not. Suddenly you are fighting the sniffles and unpacking the winter wardrobe. As we dig out the winter woollies and start donning our favourite pair of Uggs, those are not the only things that need to be switched around when the harsh weather hits.

In Winter, our skin starts to beg for some extra attention. Cue new skincare regime. Rapid fluctuations like temperature shifts can put your skin into shock, and it may take some time for it to adjust to its new temporary environment.

With warm weather shifting into colder weather means temperature and humidity dropping QUICKLY, so your skin will have to work overtime to maintain itself. With much needed attention it may be hard to keep up, this may lead to inflammations, loss of hydration and cracking. Your skin may look dull, dry, wrinkles may appear more prominent. This happens because the skin becomes disrupted during this transition period but the seasons changing is not the only culprit here.

It would be so easy to blame these flaws on the cooler winter months, but it is coupled up with changes in your lifestyle that take place as well. Think about it, its colder so your are naturally cranking the hot tap when showering, probably binge eating comfort foods on your couch and even turning up the heater at home. All these add up and the change in environment would no doubt cause inflammation and disruption.

How to care for your skin during seasonal transitions?

Those days when humidity is much lower we would recommend limiting shower times – 5 minute mark would be ideal and avoiding hot water at all costs. During those dry months using a nourishing body wash is an essential and following it with a thicker cream then you would use in summer months to restore lost moisture is important directly after your shower.  Cream based face cleansers in the winter will help keep moisture in and we suggest implementing rich moisturizer as well as  a hydrating serum into your winter regimen one rich with an oil base.


IN the hot humid months think of doing everything opposite. Switch from cream cleanser in your winter months to a water based, gel, or oil-removing cleanser to helps control sweat. Swapping out a heavy avocado oil based serum to something lighter. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week.

What is TEWL + how to stop it?

Those days you wake up and you swear it feels like you ran a marathon the day before and did not drink a single sip of water. That feeling has a fancy name for it TEWL – Transepidermal Water Loss. It is the process which needed water escapes our skin into the air. Though its completely common, it sucks for our skin that was once glowing and radiant is now dull and more susceptible to wrinkles and acne.

Best way to put it is that the air is a sponge, and if its dry it will suck the moisture out of your skin at a faster rate. Easy fix – Invest in a humidifier that regulates the moisture in the air. But you also have to be moisturising from within and be doing so regularly. Not rushing in 4 glasses before bed because you just realized you have not consumed water all day.

 TIP* Try bringing a massive reusable bottle to work and making the goal to fill + drink 4 of them a day, or maybe a bottle filled every hour. Whatever it is just remind yourself how important the hydration is.


One of the most popular in office facial treatments right now, the HydraFacial. Meant to dig deep into your pores and bring the gunk back out till cleared followed by the hydrating you skin with serums that are infused into your skin during the session. Booking in for one of these 60-minute sessions could be an easy save for your skin going down the wrong path this winter. But whose to blame?

Want to ensure you are a smoothed out dewy goddess while you rocking back in sweats and a jumper? Contact the team at Beauty on Latrobe.

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