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ANTI AGEING Treatments

Revitalise and prevent signs of ageing with our customised skin treatments. Includes cosmetic injectables.


Dermamelan is the worlds leading depigmentation treatment, and works when nothing else has! Treat all forms of pigmentation, even the most stubborn Melasma, with our Dermamelan Depigmentation Peel. Your Skin Therapist will guide you through the pre and post treatment journey to even skin tone, fade stubborn pigmentation and perfect your complexion like never before. Each treatment includes the Dermamelan Treatment, take home skincare, LED light therapy sessions post treatment and a Hydrating Facial regime to ensure maximum results.


Also known as Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) Stimulate the growth of NEW collagen and elastin to reduce fine line and wrinkles, repair scarring, reduce open pores, pigmentations, redness and more with MesoPen Pro the latest technology in skin management. Includes Peptide Mask + LED for the ultimate glow & minimal downtime
Our Mesopen Pro offers the next generation of microneedling technology & is the world’s first combined electroporation & CIT (collagen induction therapy) system for advanced results. It’s a safe and minimally invasive treatment designed to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin fibres in your skin to reveal truly transformative results.

Electroporation is the use of an electrical current run through the needles to push our customised to you serum into your individual skin cells. This will amplify the results you will experience. The main advantage of electroporation is that is totally painless and does not cause any kind of trauma to the skin.


Revitalise skin appearance through the delivery of intense pulsed light. Designed to stimulate new collagen production, the treatment visibly reduces skin imperfections, resulting in firmer skin, reduced pore size, and the reversal of pigmentation. IPL also treats broken capillaries, sun damage and destroys acne-causing bacteria while calming inflammation. The treatment can be used effectively on all areas of the body.


Combines any two of our powerful peels in one treatment to reveal flawless skin faster. Perfect for pigmentation, plumping, prepping for a big event, anti-ageing, sun damage, texture, dull skin, mild scaring, hydration, acne treatment and more!

Peel options below, these will be fully customised to your skin on the day depending on your skin health and your goals.

- Azyme Retinol Peel
- Brightening Accelerator Mask (Peel)
- Lactic Peel
- Mandelic Peel
- PHA Peel

This treatment also includes Healite Red Light Therapy and a B2 Peptide Mask.


Rejuvenate and enhance your appearance with the leading authority in the field of non-surgical cosmetic medicine, Dr Axell Jones. Known for his aesthetic eye and precision, Dr Axell uses the latest proven techniques and procedures to deliver long-lasting and natural-looking results. Consultations with Dr Axell are complimentary.

Terms & Conditions
A $100 redeemable/refundable booking deposit applies to each of Dr Axell’s appointments. You will receive a full and comprehensive consultation, quote and portfolio of before and afters before proceeding with your treatment. 72hrs notice is required for cancellations and appointment changes. A $100 cancelation fee applies.


Frown lines or crows feet




Results last up to 12 months


Results last up to 2 years


Permanent Fat Dissolving (Jaw Sculpting)
Results are permanent/em>

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