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New Treatment: Dermaplaning, the ultimate exfoliation!

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This treatment may have various names but one thing is constant – its fabulous results. At Beauty on Latrobe, it is known as Dermaplaning and it is the exciting new addition to the lineup of treatments on offer to spoil the skin.

This gentle yet effective treatment, remove the outermost layer of the skin, including the buildup of dead cells and peach fuzz to reveal silky smooth, radiant skin but that’s not all! Let us introduce you to our latest treatment, Dermaplaning.



Dermaplaning is a wonderful alternative to abrasive microdermabrasion treatments. Using a surgical blade, your Therapist will safely, gently and effectively sweep the face, simultaneously removing dead skin cells and debris from the outer most layer of the skin and shaving away those fine baby hairs otherwise known as ‘peach fuzz’.

Dermaplaning is so much more than just removing hair. Removing the peach fuzz and layer of dead skin cells resting on the skin’s surface will aid in reducing congestion. Dirt can become trapped in peach fuzz and clog your pores resulting in breakouts and blackheads. By removing peach fuzz, you will also optimise absorption of your skincare products which in turn, will make them more effective. Another incredible benefit of Dermaplaning is a flawless makeup application. Without peach fuzz impacting how your makeup sits on your skin, your foundation and powder will sit beautifully on your skin making it the ideal treatment before a special event like a wedding or photoshoot.

As the layer of dead skin and debris is exfoliated away you will instantly notice a brighter, more radiant complexion. It will also be silky smooth and soft and deeply satisfying as the fine hairs are removed right before your eyes.



Dermaplaning at Brisbane’s Beauty on Latrobe needs to be on your list of must-try treatments. Dermaplaning is an effective treatment for anyone craving luminous, even skin. It dimishes the appearance of acne scarring, sun damage and hyperpigmentation. Dermaplaning is a non-invasive treatment virtually safe for anyone, all skin types and colours.

You will enjoy immediate results and your skin will be visibly brighter and smooth after your treatment is complete. Dermalplaning takes only 30-45 minutes with no downtime so you can continue your day with glowing skin directly after your appointment.

As Dermaplaning removes dead skin, it exposes what’s underneath. More youthful radiant skin helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.





Many people are afraid that their hair grows back thicker when they shave. Though it may feel this way just after shaving your legs, Dermaplaning does not cause additional or thicker hair to grow in.

It is common to feel a little the hairs grow back but we assure you it will not be darker or thicker in fact, with regular treatment, regrowth can be less and less with each treatment.



Gently exfoliating and removing dead skin cells from the skin essentially means fewer breakouts. By removing dead skin cells, Dermaplaning will prevent clogged pores and breakouts.

Are you looking for a non-invasive exfoliation treatment that will instantly brighten your look? Try Dermaplaning. Book your treatment today with Beauty on Latrobe.

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