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Detox Before You Retox: Preparing The Gut For The Season Of Silliness

Are you ready for the social season of the year?! While you may have considered your GLAM and all the special touches that go into your party prep, have you thought about your gut health and preparing your body for the onslaught of naughtiness in the form of one too many Fireball Shots.

With all the upcoming festivities, inner health is more important than ever! What you put in your body is just as (if not more) significant to the health and integrity of your skin than what you put on your skin. When carefully planning out your preparations, do not forget to include gut health. Your skin will LOVE you for it!

The Gut Break Down

Gut health has a massive effect on your overall health and wellbeing, including the appearance and health of your skin (your largest organ). More than 80 percent of your immunity is sourced from the gut which has hundreds of good and bad bacteria that are naturally produced.

Ignoring gut health poses a significant risk to your skin. The gastrointestinal system works to separate the good bacteria from the bad, making sure you are absorbing all the nutrients you need and expelling the excess waste. An increase of bad bacteria over time can­ threaten the gut barrier and lead to an overload, also known as ‘leaky gut syndrome’. Your body’s natural response to this is to eradicate the excess bacteria as fast as possible. Often, the skin is the most efficient exit strategy. This is why when we detox, you may experience breakouts as your gut rids the body of toxins.

Say No to Summer Skin Woes

Although we love our bodies for knowing how to excrete the bad bacteria as necessary, it’s a pain when the process can have such negative effects.

By putting in the work to help support and protect our gut we can help prevent a plethora of skin concerns and health issues. During the silly season, we give the old gut a run for its money. We through everything at it. From copious amounts of cocktails to days upon days of nothing but ham (oh how we love it!), now is the time to begin preparing the gut so it can be more resilient in times of indulgence.

Unbalanced gut health can have symptoms of rosacea, eczema, inflammation, acne, bloating, cramping, diarrhoea, sensitivity, and the depletion of collagen. The process of improving your gut health and avoiding these effects are very simple, all it takes is a healthy routine!

How To Love Your Gut

You are what you eat.

A balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are the key to great gut health! Let’s start with what we should be putting in our bodies. Your gut will greatly benefit from a high fibre diet. Eating a generous amount of plant-based foods and drinking lots of water will do wonders for your overall health.

A great way to feed the good bacteria in your gut is to eat foods such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, wholegrains, foods high in probiotics such as yogurt and fermented foods such as pickles. To no surprise, processed and fast foods are a big no go as they have the potential to either breed bad bacteria or kill present good bacteria (B****, Don’t Kill My Good Bacteria).

Regular exercise encourages movement of the gut which assists in the absorption of nutrients. This next tip will come as no shock but getting plenty of sleep will also work wonders for your gut. It’s also best for your gut and of course mental health to avoid putting yourself in situations which will make you stressed or anxious. This can very quickly lead to an upset gut.

Beauty On Latrobe Has Got Your Gut (and your back)

If you are familiar with Beauty On Latrobe then you will know how much we ADORE The Beauty Chef. A brand dedicated to providing holistic solutions to deliver flawless gut health, radiant skin, and wellbeing. The Beauty Chef offer a range of products that will get your gut and skin right this Christmas. Be sure to detox before you retox this silly season!

The Glow Inner Beauty Essential formula has been created to deliver radiant skin and balanced gut health. The supplement contains 18 certified organic wholefoods, numerous vitamins, probiotics and postbiotics. Glow works to support hair and nail growth, increase collagen production, aid digestion, nourish your gut and promote glowing skin. 

Beauty Chef’s Gut Primer Inner Health Support was developed to calm and repair the gut whilst extinguishing discomfort with a combination of herbs and nutrients. This supplement promotes a healthy microbiome with its nutritious ingredients. Key ingredients include licorice root, aloe vera, milk thistle and slippery elm.

The Beauty Chef brand also offer a range of Immune Support Bundles. So spoil your loved ones this Christmas and give the gift of wellness and a GORGEOUS gut this Christmas. Visit our website to shop The Beauty Chef range today!

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