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Post-Lockdown Skin Is A Thing! How To Repair Stressed Skin

Beauty On Latrobe
Beauty On Latrobe

Life for us here in the sunshine state may be slowly returning to normal (here’s hoping). We have been able to strap on heels, drink vino somewhere other than our sofa and dare we say it, start working on our Summer body in an actual gym. While it appears that we are getting back a sense of normality after having spent most of 2020 in isolation (surrounded by 3 ply), something that may have missed the memo is our skin.

Post-Lockdown skin is upon us here at Beauty On Latrobe and despite life returning to normal your skin may still be experiencing the after-shock. It may not have been a concern working from home, but as you re-enter the wild, glowing skin is back to high priority status.

What is the cause of Post-Pandemic Skin?

Let us do a recap of the previous months.

Uncertainty, lack of financial security, office closures, trying to navigate that darn MyGov and for the parents, home-schooling – STRESS LEVEL: 100!

In addition to the emotional rollercoaster that is 2020, we bring you changes to routine, diet and fifty-too-many UberEATS orders, ball-drop of hygiene and grooming and there you have it. The perfect concoction for irritated, angry skin.

Now that we have identified the reason, let us shed light on how you can breathe life back into post-pandemic skin and help it return to its former glory.

Invest in Mask

Hello, indulgence.

Up the ante on your self-care game and invest in a quality Face Mask that is designed to target your specific skin concerns. Once a luxury, now an integral step in your skin care regime a Mask can deeply nourish your skin and significantly enhance the results of daily skin-care routine.

If your skin is not living its best life after lockdown, implementing a Mask into your skin care plan is a non-negotiable. With specially formulated ingredients to suit your skin type, a Mask can restore lost hydration, repair your barrier function, draw out impurities and improve the integrity of your skin.

With many Masks on the market, we recommend speaking with your Dermal Therapist at Beauty On Latrobe so that we can help you select the perfect Mask for you.

From The Inside Out

If you managed to remain vigilant with your diet throughout lockdown, your gut health may still be intact. For the rest of us that succumbed to bulk takeout and complete undoing of regular eating habits (thank you panic buyers for leaving us without chicken) your gut would have been significantly affected (RIP Gut Health).

Cue damage control.

While topical skin care products and a much-needed visit to your Dermal Therapist is a must, something that needs to be considered to help repair stressed skin is your gut, and what you feed it. There is much to be said for the correlation between what we eat and how we look. An unhealthy diet can cause weight gain, fatigue, effect your metabolism and cause harm to your organs, especially the largest of all – our skin.

If you are finding that despite your best efforts, implementing a rigorous skin care plan and still seeing signs of damaged skin, it may be time to consider what goes in and make a shift in your diet.

A balanced diet and plenty of water will play a key roll in the detoxification and health of your skin. To take this to the next level opt for a supplement that kick your healthy habits into overdrive and get you glowing skin, asap!

Our go-to gut health and skin care supplements is GLOW by The Beauty Chef. Glow is a daily beauty powder jam packed with vitamins and minerals that promote radiant skin and gut health which will have you ‘glowing’ from the inside out. To take it to the next level, a Boost from The Beauty Chef will help amplify and support the efforts of your GLOW powder and target your specific concerns. To add The Beauty Chef to your morning routine, visit Beauty On Latrobe.

Build Your Barrier with Serums

We each have an invisible barrier located on the uppermost layer of our skin. Its function is to retain moisture and protect the body from excessive transepidermal water loss as well as to prevent the penetration of compounds into the body via the skin.

In plain speak; the barrier keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.

Lockdown may have seen us drop the ball on our skin care, indulge in one too many burgers and not be as stringent with hygiene and with all things considered, our barrier function may have suffered meaning that the skin will be completely exposed to all the nasties, daily grime and environment pollutants which in turn will drastically impact our skin.

Poor barrier functions = zero protection! You are exposed to the elements and it’s not wonder why your skin is going cray!

It’s time to repair your barrier and the sure-fire way to achieve this is through a trusty Serum. Our top picks, the Ultraceuticals Ultra Protective Antioxidant Complex which is suitable for all skin types and is designed to provide protection against environmental stressors. Our next choice is the Ultraceuticals Ultra B2 Hydrating Serums which works to (you guessed it!) HYDRATE, drenching your skin with goodness to restore lost moisture and avoid further dehydration.

Ask The Experts

Rather than self-diagnosing naughty skin, visit the team at Beauty On Latrobe.

Our team of highly experienced Dermal Therapists specialise in troubleshooting ‘troubled’ skin. Once we have identified the underlying cause for your skin woes, our team will be able to prescribe a tailored treatment plan that will have you glowing once again so that you can get back to life in your best skin ever.

To schedule an appointment for your Skin Consultation, contact the team today.

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