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The RVR90 Skin Challenge: Want Incredible Skin In 90 Days?

Do you want incredible skin in 90 days?

The short answer: YAS, QUEEN! Gimme that glow!

Radiant skin is possible with the RVR90 Challenge and Beauty On Latrobe is thrilled to announce that the Skin Challenge is now available in Salon, improving your complexion one day at a time. Merging both a comprehensive at-home skincare regime together with in-Salon treatments, we can help you reach your skin goals, help restore the health and integrity of your skin and above all improve your confidence.

We go on challenges to help increase our fitness level or perhaps drop a kilo or 2 after some serious indulging, so the same care and consideration should be taken for our skin; Afterall, we are in it for life.

Beauty on Latrobe, we have partnered with Ultraceuticals to help you achieve REAL RESULTS as you embark on your journey to healthy, glowing skin! We are super-duper excited to be part of your skin transformation and will be with you every step of the way.

Let the Skin Challenge BEGIN!

What is RVR90?

The RVR 90 Skin Challenge is a customised program designed to suit your individual skin needs. At Beauty On Latrobe, we recognise that no two complexions are the same, thus, your skin journey should be treated in the same respect.

RVR 90 stands for REAL VISIBLE RESULTS IN 90 DAYS and incorporates both at-home and in-salon efforts to help you reach your skin goals. By implementing a tailored at-home skincare regime using the EPIC Ultraceuticals range PLUS visiting Beauty On Latrobe for regular treatments, we promise you will be looking back your reflection and whole heartedly loving your skin.

When it comes to beautiful skin, there are no shortcuts, no magic wands, and no miracles. It will take your commitment to self-care to make it happen. A 90-day time frame allows us enough opportunity to review progress each month, and ensure your skin is responding successfully to the program that has been created just for you!

 Why is Beauty on Latrobe Taking Part in the Skin Challenge?

At Beauty on Latrobe, we are passionate about empowering wonderful women to take on life with their best foot forward. To conquer the world, you must feel confident within yourself and nothing breeds confidence quite like healthy, clear skin.

With our 15-year history extensively using Ultraceuticals, we now know first-hand the amazing results that it can deliver our clients.

How Much Does It Cost?

The first step of the RVR 90 skin challenge is our in-Salon 3 x Peel Pack. Our Peel Pack includes 3 comprehensive Skin Peels which can be tailored to suit your skin. Your investment will start from an affordable $199.

In addition to the Skin Peels, you will need to stock up on Ultraceuticals goodies, carefully considered and prescribed by our expert Dermal Therapists. The RVR90 Skincare Packs begin at $250 and will be inclusive of all that you need to repair, restore, and GLOW. The packs include a cleanser, moisturiser, serum, and for a limited time only, a FREE SPF day cream valued at $84.

The RVR90 Skin Challenge is completely customisable, meaning that your investment may vary depending on the product and treatment that you may require to achieve your desired outcome. To make this challenge just that little bit sweeter, we also offer both Afterpay and Zip Pay!

How Will I Know If It Will Work for My Skin?

Each RVR 90 skin journey begins with our Prescriptive Skin Consultation which allows our expert team of Dermal Therapists to carefully analyse your skin, learn about your lifestyle, your health and your goals.

Knowledge is power and once our team have a clear understanding of your skins needs, we are able to craft a bespoke skincare and treatment program that is tailored specifically to suit you, guaranteeing glowing results.

This may sound overwhelming but remember that every step of the RVR 90 challenge is imperative to the achievement of your skin goals within the allotted 3 months. What’s even better is that you will never feel alone during your skin journey as the Beauty on Latrobe team are here to provide our support and expertise from start to finish!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact the Beauty on Latrobe team today to get your RVR 90 Skin Journey started!

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