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Forget Gold, We’re Dripping In Nutrients: Introducing IV Vitamin Therapy

DATE15th September 2020

“Can I please order hydration, glowing skin with a side of pristine gut health, please?”

Yes, Queen. Yes, you can.

Forget gold, we’re dripping in nutrients!

Beauty On Latrobe is thrilled to announce that we are introducing IV Vitamin Therapy to our extensive line-up and we cannot wait to hook you up, literally. For those seeking the ultimate glow and hydration boost (and let’s face it, that’s all of us), you’ll be excited to know that you can indulge in a variety of IV Vitamin Infusions from the 1st of October.

Ladies and gents, it is time to relinquish the belief that IV drips are strictly reserved for patients in hospital beds. Anyone, anywhere, can now experience the health and beauty benefits that the drip has to offer sans hospital gown. IV Vitamin Therapies are taking the world by storm and with the proven health benefits, both physical and mental, it is clear to see why.

Since making its mark on the beauty industry, popularity has significantly increased and thus, so has the variety.  We have proudly partnered with DRIPIV to bring IV Vitamin Therapy to our Paddington Salon and with that comes an infusion for every day of the week.

Be spoiled for choice with the selection of IV Infusions. DRIPIV has an Infusion to help target a variety of beauty and health concerns. From repairing dehydrated skin, boosting your immune system or helping you back-it-up after a night on the Margaritas, these multi-tasking miracle workers will have you feeling and looking AH-mazing!

The treatment can take anywhere from 45 minutes up to an hour and a half, depending on which infusion you have selected so sit back and prepare for next level hydration. Are you ready for the IV Vitamin Therapy obsession of 2020?!


IV Vitamin Therapy differs from supplements as the body is able to absorb all the incredibly beneficial ingredients, vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, delivering rapid results. IV Vitamin Therapy can be used both proactively to maintain optimum wellness and potentially support acute and chronic conditions. This method of nutrient infusion also allows for much larger doses to be delivered to the body that would otherwise not be safe to ingest orally. IV drips provide minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. Benefits include increased energy, improved mood, replenished cellular levels, strengthened immune system, and assistance with detoxing and weight loss (love that for us!).

At Beauty On Latrobe, we will be offering 6 different infusions including the hydro boost fusion, glow fusion, NAD+ fusion, performance energy fusion, ultimate fusion, immune booster fusion, focus fusion, booster fusion and the slim boost fusion. Here is an overview of just some of our favourite IV cocktails!

The Ultimate Infusion

Go big or go home. If you are seeking the ultimate glow, immune boost and improved wellness, the Ultimate Infusion is where it’s at. Our body’s thirst feels quenched just reading about it!

The ultimate infusion contains intense doses of nutrients, amino acids, and antioxidants. Benefits include an improved immune system, increased energy, enhanced mood and metabolism and hair, skin, and nail benefits, as well as supporting fertility levels.

It is an allrounder for inner health and anti-ageing. This bad boy has 2 months-worth of vitamins wrapped up in one rejuvenating drip! There is no doubt this infusion is truly the ULTIMATE in ever sense of the word for full body health and revitalisation.

The Hydroboost

Hello hydration!

Dehydration affects us in so many ways. From lacklustre skin, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, poor focus and clarity and decreased ability to rid your body of toxins, de-hydration is here to mess s*** up! Thankfully, the Hydroboost has your back.

Get an instant boost of hydration with vital minerals and nutrients your body needs to feel revitalised. Each treatment contains (1) Litre of Hartmann’s Solution and can be customised with different vitamin boost injections to optimise your individual needs. This infusion may assist with improving your mental clarity, replenish electrolytes (goodbye evidence of Friday night), and hydrate muscles.

The NAD+ Infusion

The NAD+ infusion delivers general benefits such as improved focus, clarity, recovery, energy, and repair. Advanced benefits of the NAD+ infusion include repairing DNA, protecting brain cells from damage, anti-ageing, increased memory and mental acuity, increased energy levels and reduced inflammation. As if this infusion did not already have enough mind-blowing benefits, it has also been proven to assist with substance and addiction issues. Spoil yourself, tick this treatment off your list and reap the endless benefits!

Book Now!

So, whether you are a skin and health connoisseur or in need of a hangover cure from the weekend’s festivities, Beauty on Latrobe have got the cure. Book with our Salon starting on the 1st of October to be one of the first to experience the amazing benefits of our brand new IV Vitamin Therapy treatment. To be the first to experience this treatment, click here to book!

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